Verified Places of Employment

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A great compliment to our “Verified Bank” process. Our Verified Placed of Employment process delivers to you a fully & compliantly verified job, allowing you to commence the wage garnishment process thus liquidating your inventory and improving performance all around. Don’t delay, post judgment is very time sensitive and the sooner you begin your asset search process the sooner you will realize your post judgment recovery dollars.

Our verified POE product is designed to meet the highest standards of legal collections, while raising ROI. We use sophisticated automation methods enhanced with a high-volume manual phone verification process (100% U.S.-based) to return records with detailed verification notes on hire date, position and supervisor. NO HIT NO FEE

We verify and return:

  • First, last and middle name
  • DOB
  • SSN
  • Complete address with zip code
  • Place of Employment name, address and phone
  • Place of Employment supervisor, with hire date and position

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