Verified Banks

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After all of the letters, phone calls and legal processes have been completed, deploy DSP to search and locate your consumer banking information for the purposes of a “Bank Levy”. We at DSP understand the time value of money and competition. Leverage our “Verified Bank” process which consist of two tiers which will deliver the very best in nationwide bank searches.

Our manually verified consumer and business bank product locates banking assets and active or attachable accounts for legal collections. We access public, private and proprietary databases with specialized intelligence software to find a debtor’s or company’s financial assets.

We verify and return:

  • Name, DOB, SSN or EIN
  • Open, active accounts
  • Type of account (checking, savings, brokerage)
  • Branch location and phone
  • Balance(s)
  • Amount and date of last deposit
  • Multiple accounts, if available

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