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The key to getting the right consumer on the phone is calling the right phone number. Whether it’s the inability to dial through an entire phone inventory or the inefficiency of dialing through a large percentage of wrong numbers, companies can find it difficult to find the phone number that connects them to their consumer. There is a lot of efficiency to be gained by identifying the best phone numbers up front and prioritizing them in dialing strategies. It makes sense that the use of a phone score in dialing strategies can be the key to getting more Right Party Contacts (RPC) without having to dial through an enormous amount of bad phone numbers. Our team showed that what makes sense in theory is true in practice.


Our team did a test to understand the value of our phone score, DSP Score. The study included a client’s new business accounts with debt types such as financial, utility, healthcare and telecommunications. These accounts were randomly split into a test group and a control group. Phones on accounts in the test group received a DSP Score and phones on accounts in the control group were treated normally. In the control group dialing was done at random, while in the test group phones were prioritized highest to lowest according to score.

The call disposition results were then analyzed to determine what happens when the same number of dial attempts are made a random vs. a strategic attempt to dial phones that are more likely to yield an RPC. For presentation purposes the DSP Score of “0” to “200” was broken down into five segments according to score behavior.

Score Range Segment
200 5
130-195 4
95-125 3
10-90 2
0-5 1


As the tables below show, overall RPC rate increased from 7.6% to 9.4% and the wrong number rate decreased from 15.6% to 13.6%. Using a dialing score strategy that focused on higher scored phones resulted in 22% more RPCs and 14% less wrong numbers than the non-scored phones.

Control Group Random Dialing

Score Segments Phones Dialed % Dialed Attempts/Phone
62,829 58% 6.62
5 14,851 60% 7.64
4 19,914 55% 6.72
3 7,557 52% 6.49
2 19,052 63% 5.76
1 1,455 45% 6.77

RPC’s = 4,761
Wrong Numbers= 9,780


Phone Score Dialing

Score Segments Phones Dialed % Dialed Attempts/Phone
61,746 58% 6.74
5 20,791 84% 8.07
4 20,328 81% 6.80
3 8,138 56% 5.13
2 3,327 11% 1.93
1 162 5% 2.08

RPC’s =5,813
Wrong Numbers= 8,367



This study shows that with the same number of attempts you can achieve more RPCs and call less wrong numbers by using a phone score. Contact your consumers quicker and help mitigate the risk associated with dialing wrong numbers with DSP Score.

At Data Solutions Plus, we’re focused on providing data with a focus on quality – not quantity. Our goal is not to return a high hit rate; our goal is to provide you a high RPC rate. This not only saves you money on the data itself, but also the costs associated with labor.

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