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Settlement Specialists

By having the right tool for a given task, an exceptional result is achieved in the most effective and efficient manner possible. DSI’s database can significantly assist in determining your collection tasks, and DSI can also assist in determining the best tool for your collection needs.

Collectively, DSI’s management has more than 125 years of senior management experience with several of the nation’s largest financial, credit and collection companies. This experience has fostered relationships with collection entities that have long-standing associations with numerous debt management and settlement companies, associations that frequently achieve a negotiated settlement when no agreement seems possible.

For these reasons, DSI can be your most prudent choice when assigning portfolio responsibility. From past experience, we can confidently state that DSI’s coordination of portfolio assignment will achieve top tier performance results and achieve these results at less commission expense to your company.

True collection economies are realized when portfolios are effectively structured and efficiently worked, and DSI is the path to achieving both of these objectives. We look forward to showing you how DSI can increase your revenue, lower operational costs, improved tier rankings and enhance client relationships.


Cease & Desist

DSI can immediately identify those of your consumer debtor accounts that have been improperly identified as Cease & Desist accounts.

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Sales Analyzer Scrub

Used by clients to model purchases, determine sale values, develop segment strategies and assign placement life cycles by comparing debtors’ portfolios against DSI’s database of those consumers currently enrolled in DMP/DSA programs.

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Watch Program

Used by clients to warehouse their inventory within NIRVANA 4.1 where it will be monitored perpetually as the database is updated matches will automatically be identified and the Watch Program will automatically email our participating partners that new settlement opportunities exist.

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