Sales Analyzer Scrub

Maximizing portfolio opportunities

DSI’s Sales Analyzer Scrub will be most frequently used by financial institutions, banks and debt buyers. With controlled access to the data provided by national debt settlement companies, the inherent advantages and potential benefits of this capability include:

  • Modeling purchases
  • Determining sales values
  • Developing segment strategies
  • Increasing net back recoveries
  • Assigning placement life cycles

Debt portfolios can be scrubbed against DSI’s entire database of DMP and DSA records, immediately identifying consumers currently participating in either program. As all data uploaded to DSI’s database is archived, a portfolio scrub will also reveal those consumers that have any history of DMP/DSA participation.

In the past, these highly-liquid settlement opportunities may have been frequently overlooked as no one had the time, or the tools, to manually review entire portfolios. Now, multiple portfolios can be instantly scrubbed electronically against the consumer records of national debt management and settlement companies, identifying immediate settlement opportunities in a fraction of the time (and at a fraction of the cost) that would otherwise be required.

By using this capability, creditors’ portfolios can be uniquely crafted to maximize sales value and optimize contingency rates, placement cycles and work strategies.


Cease & Desist

DSI can immediately identify those of your consumer debtor accounts that have been improperly identified as Cease & Desist accounts.

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Watch Program

Used by clients to warehouse their inventory within NIRVANA 4.1 where it will be monitored perpetually as the database is updated matches will automatically be identified and the Watch Program will automatically email our participating partners that new settlement opportunities exist.

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Scrub & Serve

Collectively, DSI’s management has more than 85 years of senior management experience with several of the nation’s largest financial, credit and collection companies. Our negotiations department focuses solely on debt settlement recoveries. That accompanied with our cutting edge technology allows us to service DSI matches and or placements at industry low rates, dropping larger dollars to the bottom line and reducing commission cost and other internal expenses associated with operational staff

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