Cease & Desist

Dormant Account Opportunities

DSI can immediately identify up to 20% of your consumers that have been wrongly dispositioned as Cease & Desist accounts.

That’s the ratio we’ve discovered after an initial scrub of clients’ dormant portfolios because accounts are frequently miss-assigned due to collector error or the inaccurate processing of attorney letters.

As collection activity is typically suspended after receiving C&D notices, your dormant portfolios likely contain a significant percentage of consumers who are actually enrolled in debt resolution programs, representing literally millions of dollars in potential settlements.

This potential is increased given that inactive portfolios likely include other statuses such as bankruptcy, future bankruptcy, disputes and attorney representation. In the past, it’s been costly to investigate dormant accounts or do so in a way that avoids compliance infractions and litigation exposure.

Today, DSI can safely and economically perform this function for you. By scrubbing dormant portfolios against our database of “willing to pay” consumers, you’ll know in moments which of your debtors are already under contract to resolve their financial obligations.

The minimal investment required to scrub your portfolios against DSI’s database can turn a significant portion of your dormant accounts into a previously untapped source of settlements and commissions.

Let DSI quickly, safely and cost effectively find these new settlement opportunities for you.


Sales Analyzer Scrub

Used by clients to model purchases, determine sale values, develop segment strategies and assign placement life cycles by comparing debtors’ portfolios against DSI’s database of those consumers currently enrolled in DMP/DSA programs.

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Watch Program

Used by clients to warehouse their inventory within NIRVANA 4.1 where it will be monitored perpetually as the database is updated matches will automatically be identified and the Watch Program will automatically email our participating partners that new settlement opportunities exist.

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Scrub & Serve

Collectively, DSI’s management has more than 85 years of senior management experience with several of the nation’s largest financial, credit and collection companies. Our negotiations department focuses solely on debt settlement recoveries. That accompanied with our cutting edge technology allows us to service DSI matches and or placements at industry low rates, dropping larger dollars to the bottom line and reducing commission cost and other internal expenses associated with operational staff.

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