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A Direct Portal to the Debt Settlement Industry

DSI is the first product to centralize all debt settlement customers into one secure and user-friendly database. Now, this financial repository of consumer information can be accessed directly by you. DSI has established a virtual meeting place between credit grantors, collection agencies and national law firms along with debt settlement companies. This unique approach provides a total solution to the settlement process, while minimizing resources and maximizing returns.


DSI recognizes the importance of safeguarding consumer information and has structured NIRVANA 4.1 to meet the highest industry standards, including:

  • Hosted on the Amazon AWS infrastructure that is configured to and meets:
    • SOC/SSAE 16/ISAE, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS Levels
    • PCI DSS Level 1 certifications
    • location behind a firewall that has no internet exposure and the redundant storage of all data in multiple physical locations
  • Encryption of all sensitive data prior to storage/transmission with
    256-bit SSL protection and the systemic restriction to never display a complete SSN to any user
  • All file transfers are processed with the use of client unique PGP keys via our SFTP
  • Data at rest is secured by leveraging AES – 256 & AWS Key Management Services

Cost Saving Analysis

This illustration demonstrates the fees saved at various placement levels with the assumption that gross collections remain the same for each level. In addition to cost savings, clients will also receive a benefit to revenue of 5 – 10% based on our industry best settlement rates and plan completions.
Total Collections $3,471,134.53 Fee's Paid Savings
AvanteUSA (DSI Partner) 17 $590,092.87
Primes 20 $694,226.91 $104,134.04
Seconds 27 $937,206.32 $347,113.45
Thirds 33 $1,145,474.39 $555,381.52
Fourths 40 $1,388,453.81 $798,360.94
Fifths 50 $1,735,567.27 $1,145,474.39
Warehouse 55 $1,909,123.99 $1,319,031.12

Data Integration

Centralized Data Recovery

  • DSI has established business partnerships with over 1,000 DS/DM
    companies since our launching
  • Our proprietary database, NIRVANA 4.1, compiles the records of over 3 MM consumers representing hundreds of millions of dollars in settlement opportunities currently enrolled in DS/DM programs
  • Data is transmitted, updated, maintained and archived within our highly secure, web-based environment
  • Result files are returned to both clients and partners over a secure method (SFTP) alerting the organizations of highly liquid “matches” found within NIRVANA 4.1
  • API’s are in place to AUTOMATE the upload and download process
  • SSN is the main data field to identify a match, however DSI can accept up to 13 data fields
  • Matched accounts will be highlighted and include the name of the matched DS Company with contact information


Welcome to DSI – Your Gateway To The 21st Century!

  • Convenience
    Identification of specific companies to contact.
  • Economy
    A fully-automated process – reducing internal resources
  • Regulatory
    Reduced exposure to compliance infractions, lawsuits and financial penalties.
  • Immediacy
    Access to current information – real time account updates

Current Market

  • Several companies exit
  • Cost to acquire accounts increased to > $1,500
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – very active
  • DSA’s adapted and diversified with lending options
  • Substantial institutional investment enters market
  • DSI’s not motivated by payment plan completion
  • Currently over 800,000 trust accounts with over $700MM in deposits

Strategic Differences

  • Immediate identification of highly liquid inventory
  • Centralization of Debt settlement accounts
  • Consistency with consumer treatment
  • Accelerates revenue & improves Roll & Liquidation rates
  • Reduced fees to collection/legal firms
  • Specialized negotiation process – soft skills
  • Prevents improper account coding – i.e. – cease & desist

Pre-legislation 2010

  • Over 1,000 debt settlement companies
  • Majority focused on local regions or states
  • Cost to acquire a new account was <$100
  • Issuers and DSC’s not working together
  • Fee structure heavily weighted with upfront fee
  • DSI’s not motivated by payment plan completion


Cease & Desist

DSI can immediately identify those of your consumer debtor accounts that have been improperly identified as Cease & Desist accounts.

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Sales Analyzer Scrub

Used by clients to model purchases, determine sale values, develop segment strategies and assign placement life cycles by comparing debtors’ portfolios against DSI’s database of those consumers currently enrolled in DMP/DSA programs.

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Watch Program

Used by clients to warehouse their inventory within NIRVANA 4.1 where it will be monitored perpetually as the database is updated matches will automatically be identified and the Watch Program will automatically email our participating partners that new settlement opportunities exist.

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Scrub & Serve

Collectively, DSI’s management has more than 85 years of senior management experience with several of the nation’s largest financial, credit and collection companies. Our negotiations department focuses solely on debt settlement recoveries. That accompanied with our cutting edge technology allows us to service DSI matches and or placements at industry low rates, dropping larger dollars to the bottom line and reducing commission cost and other internal expenses associated with operational staff

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